Our Lamb

We are currently supplying Wild Lamb branded delicacies to a number of bespoke butchers located in the Melbourne CBD and surrounding metro areas.
To be sure you are receiving lamb with the quality and nutrition you and your family deserve, only shop at retail outlets displaying the Wild Lamb logo and images contained on this website.
When you purchase Wild Lamb you can be confident you are receiving Australia’s finest lamb delicacy while supporting food producing families practicing ecologically sustainable farming.

Koallah Farms

Koallah Farms are a family owned boutique abattoir/butcher in Western Victoria.
Our Wild Lamb farmers have chosen Koallah Farms to process our lambs as they share many of our core principles and philosophies.
Steven and Rachel Castle are extremely passionate about the traceability of animals. Their passion has lead Koallah Farms to develop a unique tool on their website that allows consumers to trace each cut of meat to a specific animal and the farm in from which it came.

Become a stockist

If you're a butcher, delicatessen or providore and believe our Wild Lamb would fit your ethos, please get in contact.

There are so many ways to enjoy Wild Lamb