Terinallum Station

Established 1846
Terinallum is located in Darlington, Victoria, Australia. 
The land is extremely fertile volcanic soil on flat terrain, making it perfect for both sheep grazing and cropping. 
Terinallum uses best farming practices and is committed to developing a sustainable production of quality spring prime lambs. 
The focus is on safe food production, traceability and sustainable farming techniques. 
Grass fed stock, breeding and finishing systems are key objectives in the operation. 
Summer crops such as lucerne canola and legumes are grown on the property so that the animals have access to quality, natural feed during peak demand. 
Management and staff ensure animals are treated with minimal stress.
Trees planted along fence lines and natural barriers provide shelter, security and an ideal environment for lambing. 
Wallabies, platypus, wedge-tailed eagles, brolgas and kangaroos are regularly found in and around the 300 hectares of lakes, large fresh water springs and along the 24kms of Mt Emu Creek.

Terinallum Homestead

Our Farm


Circa 1860