Summit Park

Established 2004
Amongst the ancient Red-gum trees along the Wannon River north-west of Hamilton, Summit Park began in 2010 when Chris & Tania Parker along with their children started producing award winning Texel sheep.
We have a long-term environmental plan that both protects the natural values of our landscape and improves the viability of the pastures. Since 2010 we have reduced paddock sizes, created dedicated laneways and improved the soil health and fertility.
Our Texel rams and Texel based maternal Composites, are comprised of Texel X East Friesian / Border Leicesters. Since 2015 we also started building a White Suffolk stud.
There are a number of features and traits including high-fertility, easy lambing, worm resistance along with their hard feet that suit the Texel to this landscape. The Texel's muscular body matched with a high yielding carcass and premium quality meat makes for a great eating lamb.

Chris & Tania Parker

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Texel x Border Leicester / East Friesian
White Suffolk