Our Farmers

Each of the farms accredited as ‘Wild Lamb’ producers is an independent family enterprise with a commitment to caring for animals and protecting the ecological diversity of the landscape. 
Each family farm has a range of sheep breeds with a genetic base matched to the unique ecology and landscape of respective properties.
This collective approach to Wild Lamb production is based on shared values and is a simple extension of the practice of working with nature, a tradition practiced by communities in this region for generations.
The Wild Lamb accreditation process reflects our collective commitment to producing Australia’s finest lamb delicacy while protecting the ecological values of our landscape for future generations.
The unique social architecture behind the Wild Lamb brand includes the following:
  • all production is on family farms (not corporate enterprises)
  • all production is pasture based to achieve superior taste, tenderness and nutrition (there are no feedlots or intensive finishing programs)
  • all producers are active members of their regional landcare group implementing projects to preserve ecological diversity of their respective properties.
  • All farms maintain Meat Standards Australia (MSA) accreditation and comply with industry based animal welfare standards.
  • All farms are subject to annual inspection and compliance audit concerning the above.

Our Family of Family Farms - an invitation to join

On family farms, farming is definitely a whole of family affair - or extended family for that matter. Kids, cousins, grandparents all pitch in from time to time and it’s this social dimension that enriches life in rural communities. At Grampians Wild Lamb, the collaboration between our accredited producers is simply an extension of this extended family farming heritage.
As customer demand for Australia’s finest lamb delicacy increases, we are going to need to grow our Wild Lamb family and it is hoped that more of Victoria’s most progressive food producing families will join our social enterprise.
The current list of Wild Lamb producers includes:
Glendemar Farm
Glenlee Farm
Karoo Farm
Summit Park