heads down and bottoms up

Its all heads down and bottoms up here at Karoo Farm!

The sheep are having a wow of a time with lots of green grass in front of them and while the sheep are content it is giving us some much needed time to get our annual grain and oilseed harvest underway.

We have also started fencing one of the swamps on our farm to protect it’s vegetation and wildlife. This little tree has certainly enjoyed the wet winter and spring.

We have included for you a photo of one of our favourite ewes ‘Hungry’ (adeptly named this by the kids). Hungry lives by the philosophy that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence and is often not in the paddock she should be, the problem is I think she might be teaching her two lambs this idea too!

There is certainly never a dull moment and especially in the lead up to Christmas as the kids prompt us to keep up with all things festive.

From the Drum family at Karoo Farm we wish you and your families a merry and safe Christmas.