Autumnal Equinox

As we’ve reached the autumnal equinox we have now officially commenced Autumn and the arrival of some much needed rain has helped mark the occasion. This cool spell enables the crew here at Glenlee to mulch some pastures in preparation for pasture renovation activities and in a few weeks, the dry sowing of fodder cereals […]

February 2017 at Glenlee Farm

The first new season lamb for 2017 arrived at Glenlee Farm last week.  An unexpected, unplanned and unexplained arrival, this lamb was born with two siblings, however, foxes appear to have taken both on successive days after their birth. The damage wrought by cats and foxes to vulnerable fauna this ancient landscape is heartbreaking on […]

Seasons Greetings from Summit Park

The silly season is now upon us and it’s all happening here at Summit Park! Lambs have just been weighed and weaned, summer crops are up and growing, hay has just been finished and our fencing program to protect our native vegetation along the Wannon River and extend our laneway system through the property is […]

heads down and bottoms up

Its all heads down and bottoms up here at Karoo Farm! The sheep are having a wow of a time with lots of green grass in front of them and while the sheep are content it is giving us some much needed time to get our annual grain and oilseed harvest underway. We have also […]