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Experience the succulent taste of free range, pasture fed lamb direct from the farmer.
Your choice of half-box or full-box options are packed with a selection of nutritious, premium cuts.
Our half-box weighs 10-12kg and is ideal for couples and small families with a typical freezer.
Whereas our larger full-box weighs 22-26kg and is great for larger families who entertain with a large freezer or chest freezer.

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Australia’s finest lamb delicacy is Grampians Wild Lamb - a fusion of artisan craft, ethical values, respect for our ancient landscape and a philosophy of farming as nature intended. 
Through mimicking the natural grazing and herding instincts of the animals in our care, we've crafted a lamb delicacy that truly reflects the unique climate, finely textured soils and diverse ecology of the picturesque Grampians region in South West Victoria.
When you enjoy the delicate flavour and nutrition of 100% grass fed Wild Lamb, you are directly supporting family farms and rural communities, not large corporations.
When you purchase Grampians Wild Lamb, you can be confident in the knowledge of who, where and how our food was grown and prepared.

Transparent Farming

We consider transparency and traceability of food production is essential for both food quality and environmental sustainability.
Our commitment to transparency ensures you know where, by whom and how your Wild Lamb was grown and prepared. The cornerstone of the Wild Lamb brand is that all animals are: 
100% Free Range
100% Pasture-fed
Hormone & Antibiotic Free
Ethically cared for
Traceable from Paddock to Plate
Nutritious and Delicious
Family farms working collectively and at a sustainable scale
Grampians Wild Lamb is a collaboration of family farms that share similar values, food philosophy and farm management practices.
Our lambs graze nutritious mixed grass and forage pastures at low stocking rates in multigenerational mobs. 
The low stress, free range farming combined with excellent breed selection and pristine landscapes, produce lamb with a nutrition density and flavour so fine that it is claimed by many as Australia’s finest lamb delicacy - and who are we to argue!
Nutritious Wild Lamb
Our lamb is full of essential nutrients our body needs for good health.


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